Arjun: India’s first indigenous MBT

A rare, thoroughly researched piece on the Arjun program. Negates me needing to do the same!!

Battle Machines

Intro- Ever wondered why would a country which operates Russian tanks would develop a main battle tank on the lines of modern western MBTs? with its performance parameters closely resembling tanks like Leopard 2, M1 Abrams and Challenger 2. A tank which would be very different compared to the primary MBT operated by them. The answer is simple, to counter a western tank you need a similar tank. This tank would counter a western tank being actively marketed to the arch rival of this tank’s operator. In this article, we will have a look on the Arjun MBT, the first tank designed and built by India. This tank was never really accepted by its primary operator, which will be explained as well in this article. It is one of the most comprehensive articles ever written on Arjun tank, taking into account various factors that played a role in its development, deployment and service.

vijayantaVijayanta tanks…

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